Brand advantage

Brand advantage

High efficiency and energy saving

Wood is a natural insulator, which is very effective in isolating heat and cold. This means saving energy compared to stone, concrete and brick houses. As well as good thermal insulators, wood is also a good noise absorber, making wooden houses warm, relaxed and peaceful.

economic efficiency

Because of the way these types of buildings are constructed and the careful planning of their construction, they are quickly built when compared to buildings made of materials such as stone or concrete. This rapid construction represents an important monetary savings。

General building

Our design can easily modify and modify your build. It's possible to add, change the size of the product or move the design around the room so that you can get the stylist you want. Whether it's a traditional family or something more modern and darking, the choice is yours.

environmental protection

From sustainable development, renewable energy is made from wood in Russia's forests, not from fossil fuels. These buildings are not only environmentally friendly greetings, they come from how they get there, but when they do, built-in wooden structures actively help the environment, absorb and store carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

natural product

Our wood is grown in Russia, where reindeer and moose roam, rich wilderness and lichens, perfect indicators of air freshness, growing clean, pure air, natural and organic. Provide beautiful and powerful products of nature.