Production strength

Production strength

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Liaoning Jinbai Shengmu structure Technology Co., Ltd. has an advanced concept, superb construction technology, scientific engineering management professional and efficient construction team, with the technical and human conditions for the construction of wood structure. 

We are mainly engaged in the installation of heavy wood structure house, light wood structure house, beam and column wood structure house, movable wood structure house, wood structure RV, container house, garden landscape and other wood structure products. 

Our team has many years of professional construction experience, completed many large-scale wood structure projects in many areas, and installed more than 1000 cases at home and abroad. 

Domestic projects throughout the northeast, northwest, North China; foreign projects are mainly distributed in Japan, India, South Korea, Mongolia, Russia, France and other countries. 

Won the praise and trust of the majority of customers. 

According to the modern wood structure design theory, combined with the experience accumulated in the engineering practice, the engineers and technicians ensure the completion of the project with high quality, high standard and high efficiency.