Classic case

      Liaoning kingspine Wood Structure Technology Co., Ltd.With an international standard team of designers, creative designers and planners have rich training experience and practical experience in international wooden structure. Relying on Germany's WETO and ADWORK special design software, we customize high-standard wooden structure products for customers. The company has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Swiss JPF-DUCRET company, and has international super strength in the design of BEAM-AND-COLUMN wooden Structure.
      Liaoning kingspine Wood Structure Technology Co., Ltd.We have a professional sales and after-sales service team to provide comprehensive and meticulous services from design to accommodation for domestic and foreign customers, and strive to meet the different needs of customers. Over the years, Liaoning Jinbaisheng Wood Structure Technology Co., Ltd. strives to return customers'trust and support with warm and thoughtful service and timely and effective work.

European Code

Neo-Chinese style

Well dry-type

Large wooden house