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Energy-saving and environmental protection of wooden villas

time:2019-01-18 09:59

Wooden house villas are no strangers in China. In people's impression, the villas are of high-grade status and can be afforded by very wealthy families. China's Wooden House Villas as early as in the middle

Ancient China has appeared, but with the change of time, the city's high-rise buildings are also rising, which also makes many people tired of the high-rise life, want to enjoy the nature brought by the wooden house.

And comfort.

The outside of wooden villas are usually protected by masonry materials, which can last for more than several hundred years. The inside of the villas is usually sealed with fire-proof materials, and then interior decoration is carried out. So wooden houses and

Cement or brick-and-concrete structures are not inferior at all, and have many other advantages.

Wooden villas are characterized by a very small impact on the environment. The reason is obvious. Wood is a renewable resource. Wood is used to build houses. Once abandoned, its materials can be used.

Recycling, even if it is not, can be completely returned to the soil. Bricks and cement are different. When the soil becomes bricks and cement, it is difficult for them to return to the soil.

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